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The kata Jitte uses many open hand techniques, and has many applications against a bo (long staff).  This kata also sometimes called “Jutte”.   Jitte is a very difficult and advanced kata that is typically practiced by the higher levels of black belt in the Shotokan style of karate.

The kata is demonstrated by Sensei Joel Ertl.

The video includes:

Introduction and Embusen:
The kata is shown slowly with a general description of the main points. The kata is then demonstrated with the help of animated computer graphics so you can learn the “embusen” (performance line).

Move by Move:
Next the kata is demonstrated close up with verbal explanations to allow the student to follow along.

Detailed Breakdown:
The most difficult aspects of each kata are then demonstrated from a variety of angles, along with an explanation of the fine points of the movements.

Full Speed Demonstration:
Sensei Ertl demonstrates the kata with the correct speed and tempo.

Jitte is an essential kata advanced kata.