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The kata Gojushiho-dai is very similar to Gojushiho-sho, presented in Advanced Shotokan Kata, Volume Five. The two katas contain similar sequences. However, in most cases there is a difference in technique and the footwork. These variations lead to a different application of the sequence. By studying both katas, the karate-ka will learn how a modification in a movement can lead to alternate applications. This principle can be applied to many other advanced shotokan katas as well.

The kata is demonstrated by Sensei Joel Ertl.

The video includes:

Introduction and Embusen:
The kata is shown slowly with a general description of the main points. The kata is then demonstrated with the help of animated computer graphics so you can learn the “embusen” (performance line).

Move by Move:
Next the kata is demonstrated close up with verbal explanations to allow the student to follow along.

Detailed Breakdown:
The most difficult aspects of each kata are then demonstrated from a variety of angles, along with an explanation of the fine points of the movements.

Kata Applications:
Kata applications (bunkai) are demonstrated and explained.

Full Speed Demonstration:
Sensei Ertl demonstrates the kata with the correct speed and tempo.