Scenarios in Self-Defense

BPS Communications
Scenarios in Self-Defense:

Presented by Anita Bendickson and Mary Brandl,
Instructors for Midwest Karate Association.


This DVD is produced by BPS Communications. It is very useful for both the martial artist and non-martial artist. The physical aspects of self-defense are covered, as well as handling encounters before they become physical. The presenters are Anita Bendickson and Mary Brandl. Both are instructors with the Midwest Karate Association. They have worked together since 1981 to develop the course presented here.

Your Early Options

Your martial arts skills teach you to handle physical confrontation but do you know how to handle situations before they become physical? This section of the DVD explores ways of avoiding or defusing potentially dangerous situations early. Distance, body language and assertive verbal responses are tools used to teach you to handle confrontations. You will learn to handle a situation before it becomes an emergency.

When an Acquaintance becomes an Assailant
Statistics show that a large percentage of attackers are known to the victim before the crime. Dealing with acquaintance situations can be very difficult. This section of the DVD helps you sort out the confusion and conflicting emotions associated with acquaintance situations. Learning to trust your feelings and acting early in uncomfortable circumstances in acquaintance situations is covered.

Practical Physical Resistance
There are times when physical self-defense is your only option. While there is no guarantee that a physical response will always work, it is important that you have information to make effective choices. This section of the DVD presents a practical approach designed to use your strengths against an attacker’s weaknesses. Increasing your options will help you feel more comfortable in a sometimes dangerous world.

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