A Short Biography of
Master Hidetaka Nishiyama




 1928-  Born October 10 in Tokyo, Japan
 1933-  Started Kendo training
 1938-  Started Judo training
 1943-  Earned Kendo shodan ranking.
        Started karate training at
        Master Gichin Funakoshi's dojo, the Shotokan.
 1945-  Enrolled at Takushoku University.
        Joined Takushoku University Karate Team
 1946-  Earned Karate shodan ranking.
 1948-  Earned Karate nidan ranking.
 1949-  Named Takushoku University Karate Team Captain.
        Elected Chairman of the regional collegiate union team.
 1950-  Earned Karate sandan ranking.
        Co-founded the All Japan Collegiate Karate Union
        and elected at the first chairman.
 1951-  Graduated from Takushoku University, M.A. in Economics.
        Named Japan Karate Association Director.
 1952-  Selected as a member of the martial arts combat instruction staff
        for the Strategic Air Command (SAC) Combat Training Program.
        SAC personnel received training in judo, aikido and karate
        at the Kodokan.  The other karate instructors were
        Masters Nakayama, Obata and others.
 1953-  Invited by SAC Commander General LeMay, along with other
        martial arts instructors, to tour SAC bases in the United States.
        Named Chief, Department of Instruction, Japan Karate Association.
 1960-  Publication of "Karate, The Art of Empty-Hand Fighting",
        the most authoritative and best selling karate textbook in history.
 1961-  Came to the United States and organized the All American Karate
        Federation (AAKF).  The first AAKF Karate Championship was
        held at the Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles CA.
 1965-  Organized the first United States vs Japan Goodwill Karate
        Tournament.  Participation of All Japan Collegiate Karate Team
        marks it as the first official international event.
 1968-  Organized first World Invitational Tournament, held at the
        Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in conjunction with the
        Olympic Commemorative Tournament hosted by the Mexico Karate
        Federation in Mexico City.  International conference during the
        tournament agrees to form an international karate organization
        and to hold the first world championship in Tokyo, Japan.
 1973-  Co-founded the Pan American Karate Union (PAKU) and was
        elected if first Executive Director.  The first PAKU
        championship was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
 1974-  Following an international formation conference in
        New York City, Hidetaka Nishiyama was elected the
        Executive Director of the International Amateur Karate
        Federation (IAKF).  The name of the IAKF was later
        changed to International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF).
 1975-  The first IAKF World Karate Championship was held at
        the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.
 1979-  The All American Karate Federation changes the name to 
        American Amateur Karate Federation (AAKF) and becomes a public
        benefit, non-profit corporation.  Nishiyama is elected as the
        first president.
 1981-  Currently serving as President of the JKA International
        of the United States, President of the American Amateur Karate
        Federation (AAKF), the direct successor to the
        All American Karate Federation.

 1985-  The IAKF changed its name to the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF)
 2000-  Nishiyama is honored when the Nishiyama Cup was held in Moscow, the first official
        offical karate event conducted in Russia since the end of the Soviet Union.
 2000-  The Emperor of Japan awarded Nishiyama with "Kun-yoto"- Fourth Order of Merit,
        and he was decorated with "Zuiho-sho"- The order of the Scred Treasure, for his
        many contributions to promote Japanese culture through Traditional Karate.

 2001-  The Republic of Poland honored Nishiyama when they bestowed upon him one of the
        highest medals in Poland, the Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the
        Republic of Poland.

 2008-  Died on November 7, 2008
 2009-  Posthumously awarded 10th dan by the ITKF on October 10, 2009