Essential Basics, Volume Two

Body Dynamics, Fundamental Concepts of Arm Techniques

Do you wish you had a better understanding of the internal workings of traditional karate techniques? Essential Basics, Volume Two teaches you the principles of body dynamics and how to create the most powerful arm and hand techniques possible.

Karate techniques develop momentum through body actions such as shifting, rotation, hip vibration, lifting and dropping. This DVD covers these body actions, then details how to convert momentum into force through the use of snapping or focusing. The DVD uses menus and chapter to allow you to jump directly to the section you want to practice. Many sample techniques are demonstrated, along with practice drills for self-training, to help you understand and develop these principles.

Traditional kumite and practical self-defense are included to show how these body dynamics apply in real situations. Some of the situations covered include defenses against bear-hugs, choke holds, arm bars and wrist releases. No matter what your level of experience in the martial arts Essential Basics, Volume Two is one DVD you must have!
(110 minutes)

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