Essential Basics, Volume One

Overview of Basic Shotokan Karate Techniques

Essential Basics, Volume One is the first in a series of three DVDs. These DVDs teach the ideal form and structure of basic Shotokan karate techniques. The “Essential Basics” DVD series is a must for any serious student wishing to develop his or her karate techniques to the fullest potential.

Essential Basics, Volume One covers the punching. striking, blocking, and kicking techniques normally taught to beginners in the Japan Karate Association. This DVD is ideal for the beginner. The DVD uses menus and chapter to allow you to jump directly to the section you want to practice. You will learn the most natural form and movement necessary to develop strong and powerful techniques. By learning proper form right from the beginning you will reduce the risk of injuring yourself from incorrect form.

Essential Basics, Volume One outlines the most important concepts involved in making karate techniques powerful and effective. Each technique is demonstrated, broken down and explained in detail. After each technique the important points are reviewed. This DVD also includes a section on proper stretching and warm-ups. The attention to detail and the excellent demonstrations of the techniques makes this DVD valuable for beginners and advanced students alike.

Includes: Step-in punch, triple punch, lunge punch, reverse punch, downward block, rising block, outside block, inside block, knifehand block, elbow strike, backfist strike, front kick, side snap, side thrust, roundhouse, back thrust kick.
(80 minutes)

*Note to our foreign customers- Our DVDs are “region free”, and will work in any country in the world.