Advanced Shotokan Kata, Volume One

Bassai-dai, Kanku-dai, Empi, Jion and Tekki Shodan

This DVD presents the katas that are typically practiced at the levels of brown belt and the lower levels of black belt. These kata are also useful for any student that has a good understanding of the Heian katas. ADVANCED SHOTOKAN KATA, VOLUME ONE demonstrates the following advanced kata as taught by the Japan Karate Association:

  • Bassai-Dai: Turn a disadvantage into an advantage. This kata emphasizes strong hip rotation, U punches, lifting actions.
  • Kanku-Dai: The Heian katas are largely based on this kata. This kata contains many useful sequences for defending against several attackers at once.
  • Empi: Practices quick changes of direction. Very good for smaller karate-ka.
  • Jion: This kata is very good for large and tall karate-ka.
  • Tekki Shodan: Shows an overview of the kata presented in the video “Tekki Shodan”.

The ADVANCED SHOTOKAN KATA series presents advanced katas in-depth and with detail.

The DVD uses menus and chapter to allow you to jump directly to the section you want to practice. Each kata is demonstrated slowly move by move and with the correct speed and tempo. An overview of the important points in each kata is presented along with close-ups of the most difficult sequences in each kata.
(74 minutes)

*Note to our foreign customers- Our DVDs are “region free”, and will work in any country in the world.