Advanced Shotokan Kata, Volume Three

Advanced Shotokan Kata, Volume Three demonstrates the Shotokan Karate katas Unsu and Chinte.

The DVD uses menus and chapter to allow you to jump directly to the section you want to practice. These very advanced kata are presented in careful detail, with each technique broken-down and shown in close-up from several angles. The in-depth breakdown includes the applications of the techniques in each kata.

Unsu, demonstrated by Sensei Ertl, contains constantly changing and flowing movements of the hands throughout the kata, including hand techniques such as one finger strikes, palm heel strikes, open hand & bent wrist blocks. Once these techniques have been mastered, they provide effective self-defense responses in a wide variety of situations.

Chinte, demonstrated by Sensei Bendickson, is a versatile kata featuring techniques which are effective without requiring a great deal of strength. This is possible mainly through the use of a variety of hand positions used to deliver strikes to vulnerable targets. Because less power is required to be effective with the many techniques in Chinte, this kata is useful for smaller people and women. (68 minutes)

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