Advanced Shotokan Kata, Volume Six

Gojushiho-dai, Meikyo, Wankan, Jiin

These are very advanced katas in the Japanese Shotokan style of karate.  This DVD uses menus and chapter to allow you to jump directly to the section you want to practice. Included are detailed breakdowns and applications of the sequences in each kata.

Gojushiho-Dai (Demonstrated by Sensei Ertl): This kata is very similar to Gojushiho-sho, presented in Advanced Shotokan Kata, Volume Five. The two katas contain similar sequences. However, in most cases there is a difference in technique and the footwork. These variations lead to a different application of the sequence. By studying both katas, the karate-ka will learn how a modification in a movement can lead to alternate applications. This principle can be applied to many other advanced shotokan katas as well.

Meikyo (Demonstrated by Sensei Ertl): This kata features techniques that are strong and bold, but at the same time demonstrate agility and quickness of movement. Meikyo contains sequences that are used in both in-close fighting as well as long range combat.

Wankan (Demonstrated by Sensei Bendickson): Wankan is relatively short and appears to be a simple kata. In spite of it’s relative simplicity, the karate-ka performing this kata must move with boldness and a determination to press onward against the opponent. Wankan’s unusual strategies make it worthy of serious study for the advanced karate-ka.

Jiin (Demonstrated by Sensei Ertl and Sensei Bendickson): The kata Jiin is rarely practiced in Shotokan karate, mainly because it is not considered part of the kata curriculum of the Japan Karate Association. However, there is much curiosity among Shotokan practitioners about this kata, and therefore we present it here for those wishing to learn it.

(110 minutes)

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