Advanced Shotokan Kata, Volume Four

This DVD covers the Shotokan Karate katas Nijushi-Ho and Kanku-Sho.

The DVD uses menus and chapter to allow you to jump directly to the section you want to practice. Included are detailed breakdowns and applications of the sequences in each kata.

The kata Nijushi-Ho, presented on this DVD by Sensei Bendickson, demonstrates the smooth buildup of internal strength and impressive release of power that can be developed by the advanced karate-ka. This can be seen throughout the kata, especially in slow actions utilizing grabbing blocks followed by explosive counter-attacks, such as thrust kicks and punches.

Kanku-Sho is demonstrated by Sensei Ertl. This kata allows the karate-ka the opportunity to develop mobility with its many sliding actions and two very difficult jumps. The subtle changes in distance are useful practice for all aspects of karate training but are especially useful for kumite practice. (64 minutes)

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