Advanced Shotokan Kata, Volume Five

This DVD uses menus and chapter to allow you to jump directly to the section you want to practice. Included are detailed breakdowns and applications of the sequences in each kata.

The kata Gojushiho-Sho, demonstrated by Sensei Ertl, is one of the longest katas in Shotokan karate. It features many changes of direction, an unusual form of spearhand and a useful combination against an attack from the rear. The kata uses small changes of the wrist that can be used to control an opponent without the need for a large space for movement. Gojushiho-Sho is interesting in both the seeming simplicity of the movements, while at the same time presenting a depth of meaning for self-defense.

Bassai-Sho, demonstrated by Sensei Bendickson, is an alternate version of Bassai-Dai. While the two versions have a similar feel, there are significant differences. Bassai-Sho features defenses that are mostly head level and its actions are of a more flowing nature. Most of the techniques are used as a defense against the bo, although they are easily modified to defend against an unarmed attack. Bassai-Sho consists mostly of open hand techniques that can be used as either strikes or grabs. The leg sweeps and hooking actions with the feet are used to augment the controlling actions of the arms. (95 minutes)

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