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Kata Applications series- 3 DVD set


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This set contains all three DVDs in the Shotokan Kata Applications series.  The purpose of this DVD series is not to teach the kata, but to give meaning to the movements. At least two possible applications (Bunkai) for each sequence are demonstrated. By studying this DVD, the karate-ka will develop a useful and practical understanding of the applications to the movements in these katas.

Shotokan Kata Applications, Volume One

  • Bassai-Dai: This kata contains a wide variety of movements. the techniques employed, such as knee strikes, grabs and low kicks, make this kata a very practical kata for self-defense.
  • Empi: This kata includes some very unusual features, such as rapid up and down movements and quick changes of direction. Empi is ideally suited for a small person. A larger person, however, can also learn much about self-defense from the principles developed by Empi.

 Shotokan Kata Applications, Volume Two

  • Kanku-Dai: This is a versatile kata. Although many of these sequences are similiar to the Heian Katas, Kanku-dai takes them a step further. Many of the combinations are applicable in a variety of different situations without modifying the sequence.
  • Tekki Nidan: This kata emphasizes the use of close range techniques against such attacks as bear hugs and grabbing attacks. Tekki Nidan is a contrast to the approach used in Kanku-dai, making both katas useful for the karate-ka to study.

 Shotokan Kata Applications, Volume Three

  • Gankaku: This kata provides self-defense applications for many situations, including defenses against attacks from the rear. Gankaku also helps to develop self-defense responses in situations where the defenders balance is less than ideal.
  • Jion: This is a very powerful kata that is ideally suited for a larger karate-ka. This kata allows the karate-ka to develop self-defense applications that are based on very direct striking and stomping actions.

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